Found Net Art

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 8.27.39 PM.png

Penelope Umbrico –

“Perhaps part of the beauty of taking a picture of a sunset is that while you are doing it it’s likely that a million other people are doing it as well – at exactly the same time. I love this idea of collective practice, something we all engage in despite any artistic concern, knowing that there have been millions before and there will be millions after.”- P.U. 

I admire Umbrico’s explorations as they all seem to become much more as a work as well opposed to the individual work they may have started as. I feel this work is within the range of net art as well as physical art as she turns found internet works/photographs into a completely different piece through compiling and evolving but then she brings it into an installation space. To then take another step and photograph the work in it’s installation and often of individuals exploring the installation in that space which will then land again on the internet to see this variation. I enjoy this work as it explores depth and challenges the realms of art as a whole.

I certainly want to adventure through this process of a range of art explorations leading to a resulted net art piece. As it will better my personal strive and deepen my personal & artistic expressions.


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