Open Studios Experience

As I explored the open studio showings on Thursday, October 6th I felt emerged in such incredible artistic thoughts. The presence in the building was uplifting, open minded and explorative. I felt intrigued in all the work, the artists and these voices. I started in the basement moving upward and first enjoyed the many photographers among us. I was in awe with the extension method approaches that each artist visibly delve into. It was evident each artist is in a constant state of change and development which suggests a sense of progression that keeps the viewers engaged.

As I moved up I certainly felt all types of way, confused, interested, lost, excited and even distraught. The beauty of art is certainly among these constant levels of expression. These expressions explore the variety of artists within the building and what I loved so deeply was the openness an open studio creates. I felt full with heart and passion and I naturally didn’t want to leave. Overall, I’d say the most intriguing aspect to this showing was the work not necessarily seen for the sense of presentation but rather the work among the desk of artists and the work in progress, it is in its realist form and susceptible to immense change. I look forward to the next open studio and I hope to eventually present my work within the walls of this empowering building.


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