Nicole, 34, from the Philippines, works for a Singaporean family as a maid. On her day off, she prostitutes herself, picking up men at the Orchard Towers shopping center. Just like hundreds of other Filipinas, she is earning extra money to send back home. On the day when she works as a prostitute, she can make as much as she does in a month working as a maid. She is photographed in a hotel room where she brings her clients. The government in Singapore has recently passed a law that will require employers to give their “Foreign Domestic Workers” a minimum wage and one day off a week. Although the legislation passed, polls in Singapore have shown that a majority of the population was against it. 

I find this exploration of artistic strategies to expose this immense global issue to be extremely empowering. Financial impunity surrounds our nation and this work of art utilizes many different approaches to properly represent the impact this has on people. The incorporation of images helps the viewer understand the perspective and deeply connect with the work as a whole. For example, the image above beautifully captures the raw experience of ones challenging life due to the negative impacts of the economy. The work is captivating and pulls at our heart strings from many perspectives, specifically through the digital lens.

Show Us the Money. Portrait of financial impunity


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