Final Exploration

Through exploring the human body configurations what do you see? what do you feel? do you question your choices? Explore deeper… respond in honesty  flipped back upon you were those choices judgements?  what do you REALLY see?  Visual of the experience above Visuals of responses below Advertisements

Net Art Exploration

*Seek HTML code to view full page Through the stroke of your courser, you control what you see The human body… its natural form in a space of abandonment with the life of nature. What do you see? Where do you look? What do you feel, think, question? What amuses you? What challenges you? All among…

Found Net Art

Penelope Umbrico – “Perhaps part of the beauty of taking a picture of a sunset is that while you are doing it it’s likely that a million other people are doing it as well – at exactly the same time. I love this idea of collective practice, something we all engage in despite any artistic…

Video Exploration

Through the realms of realism and the literal exploration of words Dancing in the Dark became much more than darkness The movement grows and transforms through a variety of motion pictures I question, what literal brings to the floor of movement…

Open Studios Experience

As I explored the open studio showings on Thursday, October 6th I felt emerged in such incredible artistic thoughts. The presence in the building was uplifting, open minded and explorative. I felt intrigued in all the work, the artists and these voices. I started in the basement moving upward and first enjoyed the many photographers among…

Sound Experience

To the sounds I hear everyday To the musicians that create to our movements To the breath of dance and its constant underlying tones To the heart of being an artist To falling in love with it everyday To never failing your passions I am grateful beyond words to live this life. 


Favorite Sounds: Music House beats Folk Reggae Rock and Roll Laughter Dancing Feet Breath Thunder Crickets at night Water Flowing Least Favorite Sounds: Ringing Squeaky High Pitches Continous Machinery Rude/mean tones of voice Burping Nails on chalk board

Image Exploration

  An exploration of perceptions. What we see in ourselves, in others and how we presume the views of others are skewed. The naked body, it’s often discomfort to the viewers eye… but what happens when it’s a sketch? Is it no longer uncomfortable? Is it now ok to experience? As they all become one,…


Saved File verse Screen Shot